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Our Media & Partners
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Swiss-Machining informs you about the entire production chain of the metal cutting industry. It will be shown what the Swiss machine tool industry is currently bringing to the market in terms of solution-related machine concepts. The Swiss machine industry impresses with its reliability, accuracy and is always a reliable partner for your future investments. We wish you a lot of fun and valuable information while browsing our platform including the blog.

Founded in 1998, is China’s first B2B e-commerce platform which conducts full audits on over 25,000 members, including from across the key industrial clusters of Machines-tools and Tools Metal Working. The platform also offers human matching services, factory online tours, and other services for global buyers

Established in 2009, YES ASIA is specialized advertising for industrial sectors in Vietnam, we have spent over 10 years partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals to grow their business and keep their customers happy.

As a full service marketing and advertising agency we are here to help you in whatever capacity you need. Our unrivaled reach and extensive database, we is an ideal platform for your needs in Vietnam market.

The first edition of “Vietnam Manufacturers Directory” was published in January 2009. This directory distributed in Vietnam and some countries in Asian. The contents is Vietnam manufacturers database and detail information at Vietnam city.

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