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The Application and Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology: Vietnam Faces Many Opportunities


Although the application level of artificial intelligence (AI) in Vietnam has not yet been compared to leading Asian countries, China is gradually seizing its potential and striving to develop the AI industry, contributing to the country’s economic and social development.

Cùng với sự ra mắt của công cụ ChatGPT, trí tuệ nhân tạo (AI) đang “chiếm sóng” thế giới công nghệ năm 2023.  
With the launch of ChatGPT tools, artificial intelligence (AI) is sweeping the technology world in 2023.

Mr. Vu Anh Tu, Chief Technology Officer of FPT Group, stated that artificial intelligence is a breakthrough technology with great potential, which has been applied in many industries and fields in Vietnam.

AI has been applied in many fields

The most prominent is the banking industry. With the application of artificial intelligence, banks are increasingly innovating their business models and improving customer experience. “Banks are using artificial intelligence assistants such as Chatbot to provide personalized financial advice and Natural language processing to provide self-service customer services. In addition, banks also use electronic identifiers (eKYC) for authentication or machine learning. In order to build the model faster and more accurately, “he said.

Not only in the banking industry, but also in the medical field. During COVID-19, artificial intelligence assistants (voice robots) have made millions of calls to help medical departments control, screen and track infections. In the fields of education and business, artificial intelligence is applied to diversify content transmission methods and personalize shopping experiences.

AI đang được ứng dụng trong nhiều lĩnh vực tại Việt Nam
Artificial intelligence is being applied in many fields in Vietnam

Especially, according to Vu Anh Tu, most of the artificial intelligence products and solutions mentioned above were developed by Vietnamese technology companies. This is the result of the company’s strong investment in artificial intelligence. “From these signals, I believe Vietnam is not far from other countries in the region in terms of artificial intelligence research and practical applications,” said FPT’s Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Trung Huyen, CEO and founder of Actable AI and ChatBD, shared more details about the application of artificial intelligence in Vietnam. He stated that artificial intelligence is currently widely used in various industries in Vietnam. In the medical field, VinBigData uses artificial intelligence (VinDr) to help doctors better diagnose diseases. In the banking industry, many banks have applied artificial intelligence to help verify information and identify customers through FPT’s eKYC system. Techcombank applies artificial intelligence to analyze ATM withdrawal peak season data to enhance cash flow and cash flow.

In the public sector, many provinces use image recognition technology to identify customers and achieve automation of public services. Recently, the Chatbot based on ChatGPT technology was launched in Cau Giai District, Hanoi, to help citizens inquire about the administrative procedures of the district.

According to the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index, Vietnam ranks 55th globally, Singapore second, Malaysia 29th, and Thailand 31st. The index consists of 39 criteria in three basic categories: government policies; In the field of technology and data infrastructure.

Overall, Vietnam lags behind other countries in all three areas. However, with a young workforce with a strong mathematical and technical background, I believe that with appropriate government support and encouragement, we can catch up with other countries in the region, such as Malaysia or Thailand Mr. Trung Huynh said.

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Lecturer at School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Co-founder of startup Vbee – an AI application startup to support businesses’ customers, Vietnam still there is not yet a solid AI development ecosystem and appropriate support policies. Compared to some other countries in Asia, the level of AI application in Vietnam is still in the early stages. 

Other countries like China, Japan, and South Korea have all invested heavily in AI research and development over the years. China has launched a national strategy on AI and created some of the world’s leading technology companies in the field. Japan and South Korea have also made significant progress in AI application areas such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, and medical and industrial applications.

Dr. Trang said that currently, Vietnam is facing a great opportunity to develop artificial intelligence when it is interested by the Government and has policies to support investment and development. Vietnam has a rapidly growing IT background, with a host of tech startups emerging, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Besides, Vietnam has a young population, an abundant source of high-quality labor and an interest in studying and working in the field of artificial intelligence. The leading universities in Vietnam such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City all have specialized training courses in artificial intelligence. This is a very favorable condition for us to have enough future resources to develop AI extensively in many industries and fields.

Việt Nam đối mặt với trở ngại thiếu hụt nhân sự trong lĩnh vực AI
Vietnam faces obstacles to human resource shortage in the field of artificial intelligence

Regarding the obstacles to the shortage of human resources in the field of artificial intelligence, Trung Huynh stated that the younger generation in Vietnam is rapidly approaching artificial intelligence, and Vietnamese universities also have quite good training programs.

Source: vneconomy

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The Application and Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology: Vietnam Faces Many Opportunities
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