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Robots will do nearly 40% of housework by 2033


Researchers predict that by 2033, robots would do 39% of all home duties. According to researchers in the United Kingdom and Japan, automated technology will do around four out of every ten chores in and out of the home within the next ten years.

Robot vacuum cleaners are items chosen by many housewives worldwide to minimize the time needed for house chores. Screenshots

Scientists at Oxford University and Ochanomizu University estimate that grocery shopping will be the field most accomplished by automation technology. Otherwise, children and elderly care will be least affected by AI (artificial intelligence).

According to the study, male and female professionals have different expectations about automating household chores, likely reflecting differences in their life experiences.

Previous research found that working-age people in the UK spend almost 50% of their work and study time on unpaid household chores such as cooking, cleaning, and so on.

The new study, published in Plos One, involved 29 male and female AI experts from the UK and 36 experts from Japan. They were asked to estimate the extent to which 17 household and human-care tasks could be automated over the next decade.

The new findings show the potential to increase leisure time as household chores are automated.

In the UK, the effects are likely to affect women more than men, as experts say working-age men spend around half as much time on unpaid household work as working-age women.

Dr. Lulu Shi, a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute, said:

“Our research shows that, on average, about 39% of the time people spend on household chores could be automated in the next ten years.

The degree of automation varies considerably between different types of work. However, only 28% of caregiving, which includes activities such as teaching and accompanying your child, or taking care of an older family member, is predicted to be automated. However, 44% of the housework, including cooking, cleaning, and shopping, is expected to be done by robots.

Source: Lao Dong Newspaper

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