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Enterprises in industrial zones: Quickly stabilize production after the Lunar New Year


According to the Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority, most businesses in industrial zones have resumed normal operations at a rapid and significant pace. Notably, unlike a few years ago, there is no labor shortage following Tet. The vast majority of employees, including those from outside the province, have returned to work with zeal.

Careful attention to retaining employees

       General Director of Nichias Hai Phong Co., Ltd. Masashi Kawasaki said, right after Tet, all 450 employees of the company returned to work. With very effective production and business results in 2022, employees are excited and eager to catch up with production and believe in success and efficiency in 2023.

According to Mr. Masashi Kawasaki, employees in the company are always respected and cared for. That is the key factor for them to stick with the business for a long time. In 2022, the average income of the company’s employees will reach 12.7 million VND/person; the average Tet bonus is 16.5 million VND/person, and many other benefits such as Tet gifts worth 750,000 VND; Early spring lucky money average 666,000 VND/person. 10 groups with many innovative initiatives to benefit the company were awarded 300 million VND. In addition, the company also has a medical examination regime twice a year, gifts for workers on holidays… Therefore, even though employees are far away after the holidays are over, they quickly return to the company to work.

  At Toyoda Gosei Hai Phong Co., Ltd., an enterprise specializing in the production of auto parts and components, nearly 3200 employees have returned to work. Company leaders said, more than 100 employees living far away are urgently returning in early February. Like Nichias company, Toyoda Gosei company takes care of employees quite well. In 2022, the company’s average income for employees will reach 11.7 million VND/person/month; the average Tet bonus is 11 million VND/person and the bonus scheme is 2 times/year; night shift income 140%, an increase of 10% compared to regulations. In addition, employees are also organized to go on annual trips, receive gifts on holidays…

The production chain of Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. in Nomura Industrial Park quickly returned to operation during the Lunar New Year.

Determined to achieve high efficiency in 2023

       According to the Management Board of Hai Phong Economic Zone, during this year’s Lunar New Year, many businesses in industrial zones work through Tet with the participation of tens of thousands of workers. Typical is Flat Vietnam Company Limited (Dinh Vu Industrial Park); LG Innotek Vietnam Hai Phong Co., Ltd; LG Display Vietnam Hai Phong Co., Ltd (Trang Due Industrial Park); VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Joint Stock Company (Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone). Some businesses only close until the 2nd of Tet and return to work on the 3rd.

      As of January 31, there were 316 enterprises in industrial parks and economic zones returning to work with 172,004 employees, of which 122,545 people were in the province, and 49,459 were outside the province people. Thus, basically, businesses have returned to normal operations.

       That result is achieved by the Economic Zone Management Board; enterprises in industrial zones; The trade union system at all levels always pays attention to employees. Bus trips to bring workers home to celebrate Tet and return to work; The gifts of gratitude and especially the preeminent policy regime throughout the year are magnets to attract employees. The situation of job-hopping or voluntarily leaving work after Tet decreased significantly. Moreover, with the determination to achieve greater efficiency in 2023, businesses have the encouragement they deserve. From there, employees feel more secure at work.

Mr. Le Trung Kien, Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority, inspects the production situation of enterprises in industrial zones after the Lunar New Year.

  According to the Management Board of Hai Phong Economic Zone, in 2022, enterprises in industrial zones and economic zones have a turnover of 26.7 billion USD; exports reached 22.7 billion USD; imports reached 21.15 billion USD. The indexes have an average growth rate of 10% compared to 2021, exceeding the assigned target by over 20%; the budget payment amount reached 16,131 billion VND, equal to 105% of the assigned plan in 2022.

       Notably, industrial zones and economic zones created jobs for 195,204 people (up 6% over the same period). Which, Vietnamese workers are 190,354 people (up 4% compared to 2021); foreign workers are 4,850 people (up 10%). The average income of Vietnamese workers is 11.5 million VND/person/month. Labor relations are kept stable and harmonious. Currently, enterprises in industrial zones and economic zones account for more than 70% of industrial production value; more than 70% of the total export value of the whole city; a major contribution to the city budget. Therefore, the quick return of employees to work, and vibrant production and business enterprises at the beginning of the year are good signs, showing a more successful and effective year of Hai Phong IZs and EZs. 

Source Hai Phong Magazine

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