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Applying science and technology to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment


Determining the application of scientific-technical advances and modern technologies to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment is one of the key tasks. Over the years, the health sector has continuously invested and upgraded equipment infrastructure; promote research and application of scientific and technical advances and modern medical technology in the examination and treatment of patients, step by step improve the quality and efficiency of people’s health care.

Smart laboratory at the Department of Biochemistry (Provincial General Hospital).

In order to meet the increasing needs of the People, the Provincial General Hospital has performed many techniques equivalent to the central level such as laparoscopic surgery; Laparoscopic surgery for prostate cancer, bladder tumor, renal cystectomy, retroperitoneal endoscopic removal of ureteral stones; thoracic surgery; craniocerebral surgery, skull; spine surgery… Provincial General Hospital is also the second provincial hospital in the country recognized by the Ministry of Health to be eligible to perform the technique of taking and transplanting kidneys from living and brain-dead donors. Many emergency cases are diagnosed, treated promptly, and saved patients’ lives…

Especially, at the end of April 2022, Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital put into operation a smart laboratory with a system of modern machinery and equipment. The testing system is located in the biochemistry department, with a capacity of up to 1,200 sample tubes/hour; Fully automatic from receiving the sample tube into the system until the result is returned. This not only contributes to labor-saving and labor-saving, but also eliminates the risk of sample cross-contamination, ensures the quality of input samples, and delivers fast and accurate test results. Currently, the hospital can test more than 10,000 patient samples every day, double that of before.

Hop Luc General Hospital is a private hospital under Hop Luc Corporation, highly appreciated for its quality of medical treatment, customer care service, and many modern medical types of equipment. Since the end of 2020, Hop Luc General Hospital has put into use the digital background removal angiogram (DSA) system of Philips (Netherlands), which is the most modern equipment system in Vietnam and the region currently. This system serves the diagnosis and intervention of the heart-blood vessels with the functions of cardiac imaging, coronary artery, all kinds of visceral vessels, only vessels; embolization in cases of cerebral aneurysm, cerebral vascular malformation, cerebral artery stenosis, stenosis – occlusion of the arteries of the extremities… Currently, Hop Luc General Hospital is cooperating with Viet Duc Hospital Hanoi to apply the Interventional X-ray technique, affiliated with Bach Mai Hospital to apply a highly effective cardiovascular intervention against internal bleeding. In addition, the oncology department of Hop Luc General Hospital is also invested in radiation therapy machines and much more advanced equipment.

Over the past years, Thanh Hoa’s health sector has made rapid and remarkable developments, thanks to the significant role of research and application of science and modern technology in preventive medicine and medical care, medicine manufacture, medical supplies, and equipment. With the help of equipment using modern technology, many new techniques have been applied in medical examination and treatment, preventive medicine, pharmaceutical production – medical supplies. Thanks to the promotion of research, application of science and technology, and modern technology to work, the quality of professional activities have been continuously increased, the capacity of hospital beds in the province is increasing day by day; epidemic prevention and control achieved good results, the epidemic was detected early, controlled and repelled. It can be said that the tasks of science and technology (Science and Technology) in the field of medicine and pharmacy have applied new technologies and techniques in diagnosis and treatment, contributing to improving the quality of medical treatment and protecting the health of the people. From 2016 up to now, the health sector has had 33 approved S&T tasks; carried out nearly 100 scientific research projects at the branch level, and over 3,500 research projects of hospitals, and units directly under provincial and district levels.

In order for the application of science and technology in medical treatment to be highly effective, the health sector has actively invested in equipment and funds for scientific and technological research. Many new scientific advances have been researched and applied to serve medical treatment, and a series of high-tech techniques have been successfully deployed at provincial and district hospitals. In which, there are many effective implementation initiatives such as: Cyfra21-1, NSE, CEA, SCC and ProGRP testing techniques in the diagnosis and monitoring of lung cancer treatment at the Provincial General Hospital; laparoscopic surgery combined with open surgery to treat non-anal malformations and blood replacement techniques for neonatal jaundice by automatic method; percutaneous cardiovascular intervention techniques in the treatment of congenital heart disease with left and right shunt at Children’s Hospital; laparoscopic gastrectomy for some surgical diseases of the stomach – duodenum at Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital; arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee with autologous tendon at Ngoc Lac Regional General Hospital…; research on the process and successful production of a number of medicinal products in the field of traditional medicine, contributing to the treatment of a number of diseases; research, collect and preserve precious medicinal plant varieties of the province… Through the implementation of the project, many doctors and technicians have been trained to master the technical processes for medical treatment at hospitals in the province, reduce the patient load for the upline, saving costs for the patient’s family.

The health sector has set a target that by 2025, to research and produce at least 2 frozen products, food for health protection; building 8 or more hospitals in the direction of smart hospitals; 100% of medical facilities apply information technology and digital transformation in medical treatment; new application of at least 10 high-tech, advanced techniques in diagnosis and treatment. Research and manufacture a number of drugs, traditional medicinal herbs, medicinal ingredients, and health-protective foods. Research, apply, and transfer scientific and technical advances in testing, diagnosis, surgery, and treatment… In order to successfully complete, in the coming time, the health sector will continue to invest in systems to store and transmit medical images at hospitals. Implement effectively the program of application of scientific and technological achievements in medicine and pharmacy, improve the quality of care, and protect the community’s health; formulate, promulgate, and implement mechanisms and policies to support high technology transfer in disease diagnosis and treatment. Encourage medical facilities, and businesses operating in the field of medicine – pharmacy to research and apply high technology and biotechnology in disease diagnosis and treatment (application of stem cells in the treatment of some diseases). ; application of Telehealth technology in supporting remote diagnosis and treatment; application of molecular biology in diagnosis and treatment…); research and production of new medicines, medicinal herbs, and functional foods for health protection. In addition, in order to proactively control diseases and provide high-quality, high-quality medical services, the health sector continues to encourage and motivate cadres, civil servants, and public employees to actively explore and create many innovative initiatives; improve the quality of research projects in the direction of prioritizing practical applicability in medical treatment activities. At the same time, direct medical facilities to focus on training and supplementing qualified professional human resources; modernize infrastructure and medical equipment; promote scientific research, prioritize and create breakthroughs in a number of specialized techniques in key and necessary fields. Thereby, step by step implementing high-tech services on par with central hospitals, by 2025, Thanh Hoa will become a high-tech medical center in the North Central region.

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