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LILAMA begins construction of a complex of 55 electrolysis modules for the Large Hydrogen Plant in Saudi Arabia


Recently, at LILAMA Hai Duong Factory, Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation (LILAMA) and EPF General Contractor: Thyssenkrupp Nucera AG & Co. KgaA (thyssenkrupp nucera) held the groundbreaking ceremony for the fabrication and assembly of 55 electrolysis equipment modules for the NEOM Green Hydrogen Production Plant Project in Saudi Arabia.

The NEOM Green Hydrogen Plant Project is one of the first and largest hydrogen production plant projects in the world to apply electrolysis using technology researched and developed by Thyssenkrupp Corporation (Green hydrogen production from electrolytic cell modules, capacity of each module 20MW). When it is put into operation in 2026, the project, a significant energy initiative with the aim of accomplishing Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” with the objective of reducing dependence on oil and lessening the impact of carbon emissions globally, will create up to 600 tons of carbon-free hydrogen per day.

Mr. Jose Soares, Construction Management Director, a representative of Thyssenkrupp Nucera General Contractor, stated during the ceremony that this was a key project of the company with the aim of addressing the demand for energy transformation in the world toward sustainable and environmentally friendly trends, gradually reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and lessening the impact of carbon emissions.

The project has strict standards for technique, quality, safety, and work schedule, which makes it difficult to accomplish due to the need to mobilize human resources, control quality, and manage progress at each stage of the construction process.

For LILAMA, this is a very significant and distinctive project. A team of project managers and technical engineers has been working on the process from contract negotiations through project implementation plan development for almost three years. LILAMA has a wealth of experience in the field of mechanical processing and installation and is confident that the project will be performed effectively, satisfying all project requirements for safety, progress, and strict quality standards.

Previously, LILAMA signed a contract with Thyssenkrupp Nucera to fabricate and combine 02 electrolysis equipment modules for the Hydro Production Plant project in West Coast, USA.

According to the signed contract, within 10 months (from 2022-2023), LILAMA will process, manufacture and combine 02 modules of electrolytic equipment. The scope of work for LILAMA includes providing steel and electrical materials, fabricating steel structures and pipes, painting steel structures and pipes, erecting and assembling steel structures and pipes, and installing mechanical, electrical, control, and insulation equipment. It also includes cleaning and testing the entire system before combining it into skids and exporting the finished goods under FOB terms from Hai Phong port.

Thyssenkrupp Nucera is adamant about working with LILAMA again on the NEOM Green Hydrogen Plant project because of their prior projects’ positive experiences collaborating together. “Partnering with LILAMA is an honor for us. LILAMA has confirmed its capabilities and position as the industry’s top business after jointly building 02 electrolysis equipment modules for the Hydrogen Plant Project on the West Coast of the United States. “There will be a lot of high-value items produced as a result of the two parties’ partnership,” Mr. Jose Soares emphasized.

The modules are being built and assembled by LILAMA workers at the LILAMA Hai Duong factory.

This is the outcome of many years of investigation, collaboration, research, and development together with the contractor, Thyssenkrupp nucera AG & Co. KGaA, a leader in global research and development of green energy projects.

LILAMA workers are processing and manufacturing Skids for the project.

Being a highly integrated global business with a specialty in creating, assembling, and installing mechanical equipment, the company is expanding into green energy projects, particularly in the area of organization. The combination of large-scale equipment modules for hydrogen plants through outsourcing partnerships with international parties is an essential transformation for LILAMA in keeping with the trend of the world’s energy transition.

Source: Tap chi Co khi Viet Nam

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