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More new production facilities, Yen Huy Industrial Cluster is’ warming ‘


No longer as difficult as 1 year ago, operation at Yen Huy Industrial Cluster (Khanh Vinh Yen commune, Can Loc district, Ha Tinh) is’ warm ‘as the number of new production facilities registered in the cluster increases, many factories expand and invest in modern equipment.

Laborers work at Thien Phat furniture factory in Yen Huy CCN.

Yen Huy industrial cluster has a total investment capital of VND 86 billion, built on an area of nearly 12 hectares from socialized capital. The project was completed and put into use from September 2020 to relocate Trang Dinh carpentry village (in Yen Loc commune in the past) to address the situation of environmental pollution in production and development of craft villages in a modern and sustainable way.

After the first time of difficulties, so far CNN Yen Huy has gradually entered into stability. Many establishments and enterprises in the cluster are investing in expanding production; the number of new registrations in production and business investment in the cluster is increasing.

Realizing the great potential from Anhui CCN, An Minh Co., Ltd. has opened 3 more factories, producing more high-class products such as tables, chairs…

An Minh Wood Furniture Co., Ltd is the first establishment to relocate from residential areas to the CCN to open a business workshop. After 2 years of operation in the cluster, the company has opened 3 more factories, expanding the market to the whole country. With the main product is wooden ceilings and tables and chairs, the company’s annual revenue is more than VND 3 billion. Currently, the company has recruited more skilled workers to focus on producing high-end goods and supplying the Southern market.

Operating in CCN for more than 1 year, Mr. Vo Hiep’s Thien Phat woodworking establishment (SN 1985, located in Khanh Vinh Yen commune) has built a partner with a large order to supply wooden ceilings and tables and chairs for the southern market. According to Mr. Hiep, production in CCN has many advantages compared to home production, large area workshops, convenient transportation, ensuring fire safety. Thanks to these advantages, Mr. Hiep’s establishment has now increased the number of products by 3 times, creating permanent jobs for 8 workers.

Furniture products in Yen Huy CCN are popular in the market across the country

Mr. Ton Dong – Director of Yen Huy Co., Ltd. (Yen Huy CCN investor) informed: “CNN currently has 13 wood furniture trading establishments with 15 workshops in operation, 5 other workshops are in the process of finishing construction, including 2 large-scale establishments, An Minh Wood Furniture Co., Ltd. and Mai Doan Private Enterprise. From the point of starting from the difficulty when it first came into operation, so far the filling rate of industrial clusters has reached 30%.

Woodworking establishments in CCN are mostly manufactured by modern machinery, quite diverse products with both casual and high-end segments, mainly wooden ceilings; in addition, there are household goods.

Many factories are continuing to be built and are about to go into operation in Yen Huy CCN.

In addition to the existing facilities, there are 10 more enterprises and some households working in Trang Dinh carpentry village registered for production investment. It is expected that by the end of this year, CCN will have between 15 and 25 new establishments in operation, raising the filling rate to nearly 60%, contributing to creating jobs for about 150 workers in the locality.

In order to promote the attraction of investment, Yen Huy Co., Ltd applies the policy of supporting new establishments in production and business by extending the time for payment of land rent from 12 months to 24 months; Coordinating with the provincial Industry Promotion Center to support 50% of the value of machinery for new equipment investment units (not exceeding 300 million VND/support time).

It is known that Trang Dinh Carpentry Village (including Trang Son and Dinh Son villages) currently has about 300 households. New signals in Yen Huy Industrial Park are creating a new impetus for Khanh Vinh Yen commune to continue to propagate, mobilize and support large-scale production households to move production workshops to the place of concentration in order to ensure the living environment for people, bringing villages to sustainable development.

CCN has an adequate infrastructure with roads, electricity, water and waste treatment systems, which is a favorable condition to continue attracting companies and enterprises to register to open production and business workshops.

The locality is focusing on many solutions to develop Yen Huy Industrial Park, in which, the focus is to continue to coordinate with investors to propagate and support households and enterprises in production and business in the industrial park.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung – Chairman of Khanh Vinh Yen Commune People’s Committee

Source: Bao Ha Tinh

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