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Restructuring industry in Yen Bai province towards sustainability and environmental protection


Decision 1593/QD-UBND approving the restructuring plan of Yen Bai industry for the period 2021 – 2025 aims to maintain rapid and sustainable industrial production growth; economical and efficient use of resources coupled with ecological environmental protection; accelerate the application of science, technology and innovation; industrial development supports…

Specifically on restructuring contents include: Agroforestry and food processing industry (tea production and processing; products from planted wood and other forest products; cinnamon; cassava; bamboo cement bowl India; processing silk from silk cocoon and some other new products); Mining and mineral processing industry (mining and processing white limestone; iron ore; Grafit mining and processing lead-zinc, copper ore; rare earth); Construction material manufacturing industry (Cement production cement +Clinker; fired bricks; non-fired bricks; porcelain; electricity; common construction materials and development of some new products); Manufacturing, distribution, power supply, clean water; Manufacturing, assembly and mechanical and electronic repair industry; Development of support industry, high-tech processing industry; Development of textile and footwear industry; Chemical industry; Waste treatment industry and production of fertilizer, animal feed; Development of production of some new products; Development of products handicraft products, handicrafts, craft villages; Development of industrial zones, clusters, logistics projects.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Scheme provides key solutions to restructure the industry including: Strengthening the leadership of Party committees for industrial development; improving the efficiency and effectiveness of State management of industry; investing in the construction of technical infrastructure, industrial zones and clusters, logistics infrastructure; improving the quality of human resource training to meet the requirements of industrial production; implementing investment in the development of agricultural, forestry and aquatic raw materials areas to meet the requirements of industrial processing; reviewing resources and minerals to balance industrial production and processing; solutions on branding, investment attraction, enterprise development and market expansion; supporting the application of science and technology in industrial production; strengthening environmental protection measures in production industry, handicrafts…

The objective of the Scheme is to maintain rapid and sustainable industrial production growth; economical and efficient use of resources coupled with ecological environmental protection; promote the application of science, technology and innovation; improve productivity, quality and added value of industrial products, develop products with strengths and competitiveness in the domestic and international markets; make industry a real driving force for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development; By 2025, the contribution of the industry accounts for about 25% of the province’s GRDP, which is an important and key source of revenue from the local budget.

Striving for the value of industrial production by 2025 to reach VND 20,000 billion (2010 comparative price); the index of industrial production increased by an average of 9%/year.

The structure of the mining industry accounts for 5.6%, the processing industry makes 80.12%; electricity and water production and distribution account for 13.68%; water supply, waste water management and treatment account for 0.60%.

By 2025, the rate of filling the southern industrial zone will reach 100%, Minh Quan industrial zone and Au Dai industrial zone will reach 70%, in the industrial clusters will reach 60% on average. Planning and attracting enterprises to invest in infrastructure business in industrial parks with a scale of about 2,000 hectares on the right side of the Red River, connecting with the junction of IC12, IC13, IC14 Noi Bai – Lao Cai expressway.

Invest synchronously and complete the grid infrastructure, strive to provide electricity to the national grid by 2025 or other types (solar power, biomass power, electric power, small hydropower…) to 100% of villages, villages and 99% of households in the province.

To build a number of clusters linking industries and industrial enterprises with large scale and competitiveness in the region. Make Yen Bai a center for wood processing in high-tech planted forests of the midland and northern mountainous regions.

The percentage of industrial production facilities causing serious environmental pollution is treated to reach 100%.

In the period of 2016-2020, implementing Resolution No. 41-NQ/TU dated 20/12/2016 of the XVIII Provincial Party Committee on promoting the development of industry in Yen Bai province in the direction of fast, sustainable and effective associated with environmental protection, Yen Bai industry has gradually restructured the industry and products, with positive shifts, effective exploitation, saving resources, minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

The value of industrial production (2010 comparative price) in 2020 reached VND 11,878 billion, an increase of VND 4,451 billion compared to 2015. The average growth rate is 9.85%/year.

The internal structure of the industry shifted positively and in the right direction, specifically: The proportion of the mining industry exceeded the target was reduced (target was 9%, achieved 7.15%); the processing and manufacturing industry exceeded the target (target was 72%, implemented 79.45%); the electricity and water production and distribution industry was 17%, achieved 12.8%, did not reach the target; the waste water and waste management industry was 2%, implemented 0.6%, did not reach the target.

Investment in renovating and renovating production lines is of interest. Product quality and value are increased, raw product output is reduced, deep processed products are increased.

Although the industry has been growing fairly but not yet sustainable, it is not commensurate with the potential. The processing industry accounts for a large proportion but the majority still processes raw materials. Many projects are behind schedule or not implemented. Some sectors are capable of development but have not been given sufficient attention; infrastructure is slow to be invested…

The number of industrial enterprises has increased, but is still slow and mainly small-sized enterprises. In 2020, there are 414 enterprises, 134 enterprises more than in 2015. In which: Mining enterprises in 2020 are 57, down 05 enterprises compared to 2015; processing and manufacturing industry in 2020 is 336, up 131 enterprises compared to 2015; electricity and gas production and distribution in 2020 is 17, up 07 enterprises compared to 2015; water supply, waste management and treatment in 2015 is 03 enterprises, 04 enterprises by 2020. There are also 6,275 individual production and business establishments operating in the field of industry and handicrafts.

In the period 2016-2020, a number of projects have been attracted: Steel pipe and box steel production plant of Hoa Sen Yen Bai Construction Materials Co., Ltd. has been completed and put into operation; Investment projects under construction such as: Steel rafter production plant of Dai Hoang Yen Bai Prefabricated Steel Factory; Steel pipe production plant of NewVN Hoang Lien Son Joint Stock Company.

Support industry, production of electrical equipment, electronic components of the province has not been developed, small mechanical industry, products of mechanics are mainly small-scale agricultural and forestry processing machines such as tea whipping machines, cinnamon refining distillers, sugarcane presses, steel structures, mechanical accessories (bars, bolts) for power lines and hand-held agricultural tools (hoes, shovels, ploughs, ploughs), repair and warranty of cars, ships, vehicles, excavators, levers…

Source: Bo Cong Thuong

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