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Ha Trung district implemented many economic development solutions in the new situation


Focus on exploiting and effectively using resources for socio-economic development but not subjective in COVID-19 prevention and control. Agricultural development and new rural construction (XDNTM); industrial development associated with urban development and promotion of administrative procedure reform (CPC) in order to solve well the jobs of people and enterprises, create an environment for business investment, the attractiveness of investors in production and business investment in the area… are the objectives that have been and are being focused by Ha Trung district in the new normal conditions.

Farm economic model for high economic efficiency of Ha Son commune.

Comrade Le Thanh Hai, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ha Trung district, said: From the point of view of construction planning, there is an important role in attracting investment to build infrastructure works, socio-economic development, construction and investment priority has to be taken a step ahead to ensure the orientation, uniformity, anticipation, vision, as a tool to manage the process of urban and rural development…, the district has actively coordinated with relevant departments, branches and units of the province to plan many important projects strategically in socio-economic development, especially the construction planning of Ha Trung district, Thanh Hoa province to 2045. This is a planning with very important significance, which is the basis for the district to clearly define the roadmap and specific socio-economic development tasks of each stage, meet the development requirements of the district, contribute to the formation of urban development poles, attract investment with focus, focus, harmony with the environment, increase the rate of rural urbanization. By 2025, there will be 50% of industrial clusters will reach 100% fill rate and by 2030, 70% of industrial clusters will reach 100% fill rate; the structure of production value of the industry accounts for 41.51% of the economic structure; the total value of exported goods will reach over 100 million USD; the urbanization rate will be over 20%… Currently, the District People’s Committee has completed the adjustment of Ha Trung town expansion planning to 2035; adjusted the planning to 2045 for 2 urban centers: Ha Long and Ha Linh; is completing the planning and submitting for approval Cu urban area and Old urban area. The remaining communes have not yet planned urban centers, the district is focusing on planning and building the central area of communes in the direction of modernization to gradually create and develop new urban centers in the future…

In agricultural development and rural construction, in the spirit of Resolution 03-NQ/HU of the district Party Executive Committee on agricultural development and rural construction in Ha Trung district, in the period 2021-2025, the District People’s Committee has developed an action plan, proposed 9 main solutions, assigned departments, units; People’s Committees of communes and towns actively plan and plan to implement the organization to ensure quality, schedule and time. By 2025, 600 ha of land will be accumulated and concentrated for large-scale agricultural production and high technology application; The value of products per hectare of land for production of cultivation and aquaculture will reach 110 million VND/year or more; in 2022, there will be 100% of villages and 100% of communes will meet NTM standards; in 2023, the district will meet NTM standards.

In order to contribute to the effective implementation of socio-economic development solutions with the district under new normal conditions, Linh Tooc commune is focusing on leading and directing the advancement of enhanced rural construction, with special focus on building economic development models. Regarding infrastructure, Linh Toi commune is focusing on investment, upgrading rural transport system, intra-community transport, cultural houses, promoting the introduction of mechanization into production… meeting the demand for living and promoting production development, soon completing the criteria of advanced NTM communes. Comrade Bui Van Manh, secretary of the commune party committee, said: Gui industrial cluster in Linh Toi commune is one of the 6 industrial clusters of the district, so the locality has many advantages to attract companies and enterprises to invest in the development of production and processing industries to create large commodity products. In order to create a clear environment to attract investment, the commune party committee must improve the awareness and responsibility of cadres and party members, especially the role and responsibility of the head of the committee in all things; renovate the style and attitude to serve the people and businesses, reform the CPC and build infrastructure…

In parallel, the second goal of COVID-19 prevention and control has been strengthened by Ha Trung district. Since the outbreak, depending on the characteristics of the local situation as well as the province in each moment, the district has issued many documents to strengthen leadership, direction and prevention. To determine that prevention and control of epidemics is a key and urgent task to be carried out vigorously; the heads of committees, administrations, agencies and units must be responsible for the implementation of measures to prevent and control epidemics in their respective areas and areas. In charge and management, Ha Trung mobilized the political system to join them in the fight. The district focuses on information and propagation of measures to prevent and combat epidemics on a regular and widespread basis in a variety of forms such as: propagation on the radio system, mobile speakers, slogans, pajamas, posters. Thereby, it has contributed to raising the sense of self-protection and community of the people; at the same time, it actively struggles, defies wrong views, misrepresents and takes advantage of the epidemic situation to throw fabricated information causing panic in the People.

According to the Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the People’s Council of Ha Bac Phung Manh Quynh Commune, in addition to focusing on human and material resources for COVID-19 prevention and control to ensure safety and health for the people, from the beginning of 2022, the Party Committee and the Commune People’s Committee have been flexible in implementing the tasks set by the 2020-2025 communal party congress resolution. In particular, the commune continues to mobilize the People to implement the criteria of NTMs that are not sustainable; focusing on leadership and drastic direction of the 5 progress indicators is still slow, the results are not high compared to the resolution, especially the two difficult criteria are: the establishment of new businesses and 1 village to achieve model NTMs.

Economic development to improve the power of epidemic prevention and control; epidemic prevention and control to build a favorable environment for economic development – that is the direction of Ha Trung district in the past time. Therefore, in the coming time, in addition to focusing on leading and directing committees and grassroots authorities in the years 2022, Ha Trung district will strengthen the leadership in implementing the resolutions of the party congresses at all levels, focusing on specific solutions to implement 4 key programs, 2 breakthroughs in the spirit of the Resolution of the XXII Ha Trung District Party Congress, the 2020-2025 term has been set out to comprehensively develop the socio-economic development of the locality, striving for an average increase of 16% or more by 2022; per capita income reaches 52 million VND/year; The poverty rate is 3.45% (according to new criteria). 100% of communes meet NTM standards, 100% of communes and towns meet the criteria of food safety communes.

Source: Bao Thanh Hoa

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