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Implementing a US$2.5 Billion Urban-Industrial Complex in Bac Giang.


About Aurous Capital, this is an investment management company founded in 2019 with headquarters in Singapore, providing investment solutions focused on the Asian market.

According to Bac Giang newspaper, Aurous Company, an investment fund in Singapore has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Saigon Telecommunications Company (Saigontel) and VinaCapital Company in a joint venture investment project to build a $2.5 billion industrial-urban complex in Bac Giang province .

The $2.5 billion project will include a 500-hectare industrial complex and a 200-hectare urban area with social housing areas for workers. In particular, the complexes are promised to attract clean and advanced technology projects with high gray matter content. To achieve that goal and meet the living standards of workers, experts and people in urban areas, the investment will go into the construction of logistics facilities and ancillary services.

It is expected that, after going into operation, the project will not only make a great contribution to the budget, but also create jobs and development resources for Bac Giang province.

Within the framework of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s visit to Singapore from February 24 to 26, this is the largest project of the cooperation agreement with a total value of 11 billion USD between Vietnamese and Singaporean businesses signed in the past year. The business dialogue between the two countries took place on February 25.

In the next time, Saigontel, Vinacapital and Singaporean Aurous partner will survey and study the feasibility of the project. After being approved and licensed by all levels for investment, the project will be deployed immediately.

Bac Giang in recent years has attracted many foreign investment sources, especially in the technology sector. In 2021, despite the complicated situation of COVID-19, it is Saigontel of billionaire Dang Thanh Tam that still accelerates the investment in the physical facilities of his Quang Chau Industrial Park in this locality. The IP is now considered a big bright spot of Bac Giang, with a total area of ​​426 hectares, attracting a series of “big guys” such as Siflex, Hosiden (Korea), Nichirin, Oji (Japan), Crystal Martin, LuxShare – ICT, JA Solar (Hong Kong), Umec, Wintek, L&C Tech (Taiwan), Trung Nguyen (Vietnam)… In the first two months of 2022, this province also earned 303.3 million USD of investment.

About Aurous Capital, this is an investment management company founded in 2019 with headquarters in Singapore, providing investment solutions focused on the Asian market. According to information shared on its media pages, the company is currently active in the Chinese market in the field of restructuring non-Performing Loans. With Chinese real estate debt becoming the most feared asset for investors, companies like Aurous or Goldman Sachs see this as an opportunity to buy these properties at a cheap price.

Sharing about the investment prospects in this market, Aurous Capital CEO Kenneth Yeo said: “China already has transparent regulatory and legal procedures to conduct bad debt trading. This government has urgently implemented legal and banking regulations, creating the basis for bad debt restructuring.”

Source: Nhịp sống kinh tế

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